The National Corvette Museum Sinkhole Is Mesmerizing (And Real)

About an hour before a frigid winter sun would rise over the western Kentucky city of Bowling Green, disaster struck the National Corvette Museum located on the northeastern side of town. A sinkhole some forty feet wide, and deep enough to almost reach the bowels of hell, opened up in the museum's Skydome, swallowing… »6/15/14 9:45am6/15/14 9:45am


In Search Of The Unusual and Unearthly: Cruise Mission

From Part One... With time and my own equipment now working against me, I picked my pace back up again and moved quickly past a heavy set fellow seated in a canvas lawn chair — who seemed to be only another fully-trimmed Double McCheeseburger away from spilling out of his seat and onto the concrete underneath him… »6/06/14 3:44pm6/06/14 3:44pm

In Search Of The Unusual and Unearthly At The Somernites Cruise

Under a furiously beaming mid-day sun, I was busy wandering the closed streets of downtown Somerset, Kentucky. The heat was sweltering and my body was growing uncomfortably saturated with perspiration. The fragrance of combusted petroleum lingered in the air. Somewhere in the distance, a giant American engine of many… »6/05/14 11:35am6/05/14 11:35am

Marvelous Missed Opportunities: The Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

The other day, as my car and I sat at an intersection underneath a red light, marinading in a thick soup of late spring humidity, something unexpected appeared in the turning lane just to my left: a minty-fresh Mitsubishi Lancer draped in metallic silver paint and wearing a temporary tag in its rear window. »5/30/14 3:22pm5/30/14 3:22pm

The Plymouth Barracuda Was The Best Pony Car Ever In The Late 60s

The late 1960s truly were a turbulent and bizarre period in history. The Cold War's greatest proxy war dragged on in Vietnam. Paul McCartney was dead. San Francisco didn't believe in hygiene. A racist sociopath from Ohio had formed one of the most creepy and terrifying cults ever out in the California desert. »5/17/14 9:30am5/17/14 9:30am

A Few Reasons Why Your Next Project Car Should Be An Old Sedan

It's May. Summer is just around the bend. And that means we're getting ready to head into the heart of classic car show season, a special time of year when Mr. Mid-Life Crisis backs that old V8 something out of the garage, rubs on a fresh coat of wax and trailers it out to the largest parking lot near you. »5/04/14 5:46pm5/04/14 5:46pm

New Trademarks Reveal Fresh Alphabet Soup For Scion

If you're a youth-oriented sub-brand with lagging sales and a poorly aging line-up, painting your flagship sports car yellow as fuck can only do so much to revive interest in your products. Thankfully, some recent activity over at the US Patent and Trademark Office confirms current reports that help may be on the way… »4/29/14 10:00am4/29/14 10:00am

Is Nissan Going Wishy-Washy on the IDx?

There's a simple formula that we car enthusiasts pine for. Ideally, a car has to have two doors, maybe four all depending. It has to be rear-wheel drive and offer a real three-pedal manual gearbox. If it's lightweight and compact, even better. If it's affordable, just point to the dotted line on the finance sheet. »1/27/14 4:14pm1/27/14 4:14pm