This just in from the US Patent and Trademark Office: On April 16th, Chrysler Group LLC filed for a new trademark, "Rebel."

The patent filing states that the trademark is meant to be used on goods and services that include "motor vehicles, namely automobiles, trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles and structural parts therefor." In other words, Chrysler isn't just protecting an old asset it acquired in 1987 after purchasing American Motors, the last automaker to build a car in the US wearing the Rebel name. It seems they intend on using it in the near future.

How could Chrysler use its new trademark? Well, let's make a guess or two here. An imaginative but still likely possibility is that it could very well be the name of the rumored rear-drive Avenger replacement. It technically wouldn't be the first time Chrysler used the Rebel name on one of their cars (see the Australian Valiant Rebel above). A less optimistic guess would be that Chrysler might build a special edition of one its existing cars using the name (Dodge Charger Rebel does have an interesting ring to it).

The trademark filing is included below.