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Russia, Meet The New Datsun ... Errr, Something

Acid washed Levi's, Sony Walkman Pros, Datsun cars. Out of that '80s-tastic list, which one do you think is making a comeback? If you guessed Datsun, you're right and they're about to introduce a new, currently nameless car for Russia.

Datsun isn't wasting any time. It was just two years ago this month that Nissan confirmed it was reviving the Datsun name for a new line of budget-minded vehicles for emerging markets. Fast forward to today, and Datsun is already on the verge of introducing a third brand-new production model in Russia.


It was only last summer they had unveiled the cheerfully named Go hatchback in India, and they almost immediately followed that up with the Go+ people carrier. Just last month, they took the wraps off of the Redi-GO concept soft-roader.

You would think they would be finished rolling out cars by now. But on April 4th, they have a new sedan slated to debut in Moscow, Russia.

Datsun isn't really saying much about this new small sedan. They haven't even revealed what they're going to call it. The only thing they will say is that it was developed specifically for the Russian market. Hopefully, that means a dash cam is included as standard equipment.

(Photo and video credit: Nissan/Datsun, you can view the press release here)

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